Interview with Shreya Bhan, founder of Brushbound

Shreya Bhan
Shreya Bhan

 Interview with Shreya Bhan, Founder of Brushbound

Q: Can you start by introducing yourself and telling us about your background in the Web3 space?


I am a multifaceted artist and designer with a background in fashion and a passion for pushing the boundaries of traditional art forms. I have worked in the fashion industry for 11 years, honing my skills and gaining a unique perspective on aesthetics and design. 

Shreya bhan

I started my own fashion brand called Brushbound in 2019. Last year, I turned my attention to the world of NFTs and have quickly made a name for myself in this exciting and rapidly evolving field. I have been invited to speak at numerous events, sharing my journey and ideas with audiences around the world. I recently spoke at the NFT.NYC and my work was showcased at the Time Square, last year I spoke at NFT.London as well on Luxury NFTs.

My work has also been featured at the She.NFT event in Amsterdam, the Web3London event as part of 10 selected artists, and I contribute to the Des femmes magazine on using Twitter as a tool to grow an audience, among others. I have gained a devoted following of fans and collectors for both my art and fashion line. I am constantly exploring new ways to use technology and the digital realm to create truly innovative and captivating art. Currently, I am working towards a digital fashion collection.


Q: What is your company’s mission, and how do you aim to contribute to the growth of the Web3 community?


My mission in the web3 space could be to further explore the potential of blockchain technology and NFTs to enhance its offerings and engagement with its audience. Starting with Expanding Digital Presence: To tap into the growing interest in digital collectibles and virtual fashion, Brushbound could develop a stronger digital presence, creating virtual fashion items and accessories that can be used in virtual worlds or augmented reality applications. By doing so, they can extend their reach to a broader audience interested in immersive and digital experiences.

Engaging with Cryptocurrencies: Brushbound might consider accepting cryptocurrencies as payment methods, recognizing the increasing popularity and adoption of cryptocurrencies worldwide. By doing so, they can cater to customers who prefer using digital assets for transactions and reinforce their image as an innovative brand.

Collaborations with Web3 Artists: Brushbound could collaborate with emerging web3 artists, leveraging the blockchain space to bring unique and exclusive designs to its product range. This collaboration could involve joint NFT releases, limited-edition digital collections, or virtual art exhibitions.

Blockchain-Based Supply Chain: The brand may explore integrating blockchain technology into its supply chain to provide greater transparency and traceability of their products. By implementing a decentralized supply chain, they can assure customers of the authenticity and ethical sourcing of their creations.

Q: Can you give us an overview of the products & services that you provide?


To cater to a wide audience, Brushbound offers a diverse range of products that appeal to various tastes and preferences. From eye-catching clothing to attention-grabbing accessories, the brand ensures there is something for everyone within their collection.

Furthermore, Brushbound has been an innovator in the digital space, recognizing the growing significance of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) in the art and fashion industries. As a result, the brand has created an exclusive NFT collection, bridging the gap between the physical and digital realms and appealing to tech-savvy consumers.

Q: What sets you apart from other players in the web3 space?


First is definitely the artistic Vision: Brushbound’s bold and playful artistic vision sets it apart from other web3 brands that may not have such a well-defined and visually distinctive aesthetic. This artistic vision can translate well into the digital space, making the NFT collections and digital creations stand out and the clothing line IRL as well. I want my consumers to get a dopamine hit every time they wear my clothes or see my art.

Diverse Product Range: The brand’s diverse product range, including vivid clothing, accessories, and exclusive NFT collections, allows them to cater to a wide audience with varied tastes and preferences. This versatility could attract both traditional fashion enthusiasts and tech-savvy customers interested in the digital aspect of the brand.

Brushbound’s early adoption and integration of NFTs into its offerings could distinguish it from other web3 brands that might be exploring the space but have not fully embraced blockchain technology. The exclusive NFT collections might draw in collectors and enthusiasts looking for unique digital assets.

Strong Intersection of Art and Fashion: While there might be other web3 brands exploring the convergence of art and fashion, Brushbound’s positioning as a studio with both fashion and art at its center could give them a competitive advantage. The commitment to celebrating creativity and self-expression through the combination of these two elements might resonate strongly with their target audience.

Q: In your own words: How do you see the web3 space evolving in the next few years?


I feel like there is no limit to the innovation that is going to take place in the coming year. we can already see a lot of brands embracing web3 with links to gaming platforms or digital collectibles and this is only the beginning. It will become intrinsic in every transaction we make and people will surely spend more time digitally in the virtual world than IRL. What is most important however is to teach more and more brands on how to utilise this space understanding their target audience as well as the web3 space.


Q: How do you envision the adoption of innovative technologies by mainstream consumers, and what do you think are the biggest challenges to achieving this?


From ticketing, to reward systems, games, digital fashion there already have been various ways in which the technology is being adopted. But the biggest challenge is to explain to brands the need to future proof themselves but learning and also teaching their community about web3.

It would be a huge loss to any company or brand if they are not able to benefit from web3. It’s biggest pillar which is the community is what all brands are aiming at. But this is the true chance to build one instead of a instagram community which is over populated. And another big reason why web3 should be utilised and understood is because of the lack of gatekeeping. There is a chance for businesses big or small to use it to their advantage.

Q: Lastly, how can individuals and businesses get involved with your company and contribute to the growth of the web3 community?


Anyone can get in touch with me on Instagram or twitter or linkedin. I am quite active on all three. I would love to get in touch with brands and individuals interested in understanding more about web3 and its workings. My website has links to my NFT collections and the fashion line and anything new is update on there.

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