Interview with Simon Grunfeld – Head of Web3, Cogni

simon grunfeld
simon grunfeld

Interview with Simon Grunfeld, head of Web3 at Congi

Q: Can you start by introducing yourself and telling us about your background in the Web3 space?

Simon : My name is Simon, Head of web3 at Cogni

Simon Grunfeld

SSQ: What is your company’s mission, and how do you aim to contribute to the growth of the Web3 community?


Simon : Cogni is a digital banking platform with an integrated Super Wallet, that provides an easy, interoperable experience between banking and Web3 services


Q: Can you give us an overview of the products & services that you provide?


Simon: Web2 checking accounts + Web3 noncustodial wallet offering


Q: What sets you apart from other players in the web3 space?


Simon: We’re the only neobank to offer a noncustodial wallet, and soon launching exchange functions with FDIC insured checking accounts.


Q: In your own words: How do you see the web3 space evolving in the next few years?


Simon:  Adoption by tradfi service offerings, from real-estate fillings, car titles, inventory/supply chain management, healthcare and pharmaceuticals.

Q: How do you envision the adoption of innovative technologies by mainstream consumers, and what do you think are the biggest challenges to achieving this?

Simon:  Regulatory clarity in the US and overseas will drive growth in the web3 space.


Q: Lastly, how can individuals and businesses get involved with your company and contribute to the growth of the web3 community?

Simon:  Sign up for an account @

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